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I am a Product designer who loves making complicated data and workflows simple.

Flows  • Wireframing • Interaction Design • B2B

Simplifying Map Search

Re-designed UX & functionality for floor map search on desktop web app.

Impact Minds
Impact Minds

Information Architecture • Wireframing • High-fidelity • Interaction Design • B2B

Boosting Employees Productivity by Improving Emotional Wellbeing

Designed 0-1 prototype for desktop web platform including homepage, on-boarding and personalized dashboard.

User Research • Flow • Interactive Prototype • B2C

Finding your next home made easier

Improved usability for iOS mobile app with research and re-design.

SpaceIQ Mobile App

Information Architecture • Flows  •  B2B

Redesigning Tables

Re-designed tables flow and UI for workplace management desktop app.