Tables Redesign

SpaceIQ is a workplace management platform software, with a patented floor map designer, as a core feature, for space and move management.
6 weeks, 2019
  • No visual indication for expand and collapse states
  • Tables hierarchy - nested tables and views make it hard to understand the data
  • Inconsistent styling and behavior across different tables
  • Not accessible call to actions 
  • Standardize tables style and behavior
  • Improve visual hierarchy and accessibility

Robust, consistent, scalable and easy to use tables

Redefining the main UI components

  • Tables hierarchy - introducing expand and collapse view to simplify navigation and visual flow 
  • Color - unifying the use of the blue color as standing for call for action and attention grabbing (E.x floors in building)
  • Flat level hierarchy
  • No color and action intentionality 
  • Expand and collapse views to simplify navigation and visual hierarchy
  • Introducing blue color as standard for call for action and attention
Multi levels table
multi levels table - beforemulti levels table - before
nested table
nested table - before
nested table - after
checkbox table
checkbox table - before
checkbox table - after


Designing friendly and accessible tables that follow the same consistent design patterns is not an easy task, especially when trying to take into consideration many use cases across different flows